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What is your capacity?
We are spacious enough for 250 guests. This includes enough room for guest tables, wedding party tables, dessert and gift table, and a dedicated space for bar and separate catering room. This leaves space for a nice centered dance floor as well.

How long do I get to use the venue on my wedding day?
We open the doors at 10:00 am that day and stay until you have carried out your gifts by midnight. The music must end at 11:00 pm and guests will depart and clean up (mostly on our part) begins.

Can I hire my own caterer?
We prefer that you use a caterer from our preferred list as we can attest to their professionalism when it comes to weddings! However, if you prefer to go off of our list, there is a catering fee that we charge and they must be licensed and insured.

Are your indoor areas including restrooms air conditioned and heated?
Yes!! This is so important for the comfort of both you and your guests. We also have optional outdoor heaters to keep your guests cozy.

Can I bring my own alcohol or bartenders?
No. We are licensed through the State of Indiana to handle our own alcohol and our bartenders have been trained to our specifications. We do offer multiple bar packages that are very budget friendly.

What else do you require?
We require that you have event insurance for the time that you and your guests are on our property. This is easily obtained from your agent that handles your homeowners policy or there are low cost options on the web. We also require security for your reception and we provide that with our in-house security at an hourly fee.

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